Introducing our new add-on, Task Details and Attachments

Today we put a bow on the first version of the Task Details and Attachments add-on. With this add-on you can add custom fields and attach files to tasks. People have been asking me for this to add a description, and associate docs or images as work gets done. The much cooler scenario I’ve encountered is using Kanban as a

New theme, new add-ons

After much hacking and a few late nights, we’ve got a new theme, on-site check out for our add-ons, and two new add-ons for sale! Task Colors: Color code tasks for priority, work type (development, design, writing), or whatever you need. Notifications: Get notified when changes are made to your kanban board. You’ll know when

Our first add-on, and more coming soon!

We’ve launched our first add-on called Advanced User Management. It gives you extra control over who can see your Kanban board, and who can make changes. Its also gives you the option of making the whole thing “public”. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be releasing two more: Task Colors: Color code tasks for priority,