With the recent upgrade of Kanban for WordPress, we’ve also started adding some exciting new features to some of our add-ons. The Task Details and Attachments add-on now has two new field types – to-do lists and date counters.

To-do lists

You can now add a to-do list to any task. Use it for sub-tasks, and easily tracking steps that a task might take to complete.


Date count up/count down

Sometimes seeing a date isn’t enough. You really need to see it in relation to today for it to sink in. Date fields now can include a counter to show when the date was, or when it’s coming up.



Soon we’ll be tying this to the Notifications add-on so you can be reminded by email, too!

Thanks everyone who asked for these awesome features. Keep the suggestions coming!

  1. Joe Williams says:

    New to the tool and liking it a lot. It appears the to-do list cannot be edited or re-ordered, just created and deleted. I wonder if that functionality is on the roadmap?

    1. corey says:

      It’s true. The to-do list is very simple. Re-ordering and editing to-do items makes a lot of sense, and shouldn’t take away from the complexity. We’ll look into that. Thanks!

  2. Luke says:

    Yes, and actually a list that can be added in as a template is help to me. We’re a roofing company, and I want to add in a checklist of a process, but for example, the permit process is different for 3 different sites. I want to pull in a list for that one city, then check it off as the job completes.

    Same for roof warranties – one manufacturer has one process for getting a warranty, and another has another. I would pull in maker A’s to do list for that as well.

    Thank you!


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