Show your work. See your progress.

A complete project management suite for your WordPress site!

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You own your data

Your info, safe, secure and private, on your own server. Project data is never shared with regular WordPress data.

Everything in one place

Log into your own website. Work and manage everything from one URL. No more sending clients to another app.

Fewer distractions

Track your work with a clean and simple interface. Manage everything from one screen. Customize the features you need, remove the ones you don't.

Features galore!

  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Collaborate in real-time, and see updates live.
  • Data is stored separately from your WordPress data, for better privacy and security.
  • Group tasks by project for easy organization.
  • Filter and search to find tasks quickly.
  • Lightening fast, even with thousands of tasks.
  • Works on mobile.
  • Customize the board to work for your team, including custom swim lanes.
  • Assign tasks to team members to make sure they get done.
  • Manage the users who have access to the board, for privacy and integrated project management.
  • Bring clarity to your whole team.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Most editing is "edit in place" for quick updating. Create tasks and projects quickly, right from the board.
  • Estimate how long you think tasks will take, then track your hours to see the progress of tasks as they get done.
  • Create custom views using filters and search. Bookmark them for easy access.

Plus lots of extra features available through paid add-ons - multiple boards, to-do lists, task flagging, notifications, and more.

Designed for mobile!

Built from the ground up with mobile in mind, all functionailty works on your phone or tablet with any extra plugins or apps. Create, update and check off tasks from anywhere. Manage projects, assignments, and track your progress.

Over 800 happy customers!

We found that our team was spending too long managing work rather than doing what they are good at, developing! Kanban for WordPress allows us to focus on our work and not waste time managing tasks.

Brad Chellingwort
Affinity Ridge

We recommend and install your plugin on clients' websites because of its ease of use and versatility -- it deserves to be a staple on all websites.

Terry Chadban
Port Macquarie Online Marketing

My clients are mostly small businesses. They don't have time to learn new project management tools and they instantly understand how to use Kanban for WordPress. And they think it's FUN. "Fun" and "project management" are almost NEVER in the same sentence!

Phil Willson

Work with a team, or clients? They'll love the clarity.