A new look, a new focus

Happy spring! Spring makes us think of change so it’s the perfect time to show off the new direction of the Kanban site. Over the last year and a half since launching Kanban for WordPress, we’ve learned a lot. One of the biggest, most interesting lessons has been that most people do not use Kanban for project management, as

Atlassian, Trello, Kanban and WordPress

It was announced earlier this week that Atlassian has acquired Trello. Atlassian is a software company that has a product called Jira, launched in 2002. Jira is extremely powerful but is very focused on agile (Scrum, Lean, etc) project management for businesses. Part of their solution is a Kanban board view, which they added in the last few years.

Our first integration! with Gravity Forms

I’m excited to announce our first integration! Download the Kanban + Gravity Forms plugin here. What it’s for We’ve had lots of requests to be able to use a form to collect information, and then have that information show up on the Kanban board. A common use case is using Kanban for WordPress to track support requests. Now when

Doing the work in your head first

Recently I was blown away by Walter O’Brien being interviewed on the Tim Ferriss podcast. I won’t go into his bio (go listen to the episode for his amazing story). It’s enough to know that he’s the 190+ IQ’d genius behind the TV series Scorpion (not the writer. The actual founder of the company). At

Adding a custom logout link to your Kanban board’s settings menu

Time to nerd out with some code! There was a great request on the WordPress.org Plugin Repository support forum to add a “logout” link to the Kanban board’s settings menu. We’d thought about this previously, but hesitate to clutter up the settings menu. So this is a great opportunity to take advantage of WordPress’ famous hooks and filters!

To-do list, count up/count down added to Task Details

With the recent upgrade of Kanban for WordPress, we’ve also started adding some exciting new features to some of our add-ons. The Task Details and Attachments add-on now has two new field types – to-do lists and date counters. To-do lists You can now add a to-do list to any task. Use it for sub-tasks, and easily tracking

Using Kanban for WordPress as a CRM

There seem to be infinite uses for Kanban boards, and the coolest one I’ve come across recently is as a customer relationship manager, or CRM. Tools like PipeDrive and Trello are combining them with amazing results. Not to be left out, here’s how to use Kanban for WordPress as  CRM! Let’s say I’m a Sales Guy. I want my columns, or

Version 2! Multiple boards, mobile, and so much more!

After 4 months of rewriting Kanban for WordPress, nearly from scratch, we’re excited to announce version 2.0 is finally available! The most requested feature for months has been support for multiple boards. While this is a add-on, it required a lot of re-engineering, so we took the opportunity to redesign the Kanban boards. We’ve moved most of the

Making time to plan first

My original title for this was “taking time” but so often we have to make ourselves do it. Yesterday a solution to a problem struck me in the shower (where all good ideas come from, of course). After dressing quickly I sat down and start coding. Why stop and plan?  I can bang this out

Do you really need this plugin?

A lot of people who try our Kanban board are looking for the next awesome plugin instead of writing blog posts, or marketing, or writing code. In other words, people are installing plugins or otherwise messing with their site to feel productive, instead of doing real work. Don’t get me wrong. I love for anyone to try out Kanban