The best ideas come from real need.

At my day job, I was tasked with picking a project management software for our dev team. Never easy, as there are a million and one apps out there.

My experience is with agile, so that’s where I started. But full on agile project management seemed overkill for a team of a four. I went to a conference, and attended a panel on agile. They recommended kanban for small teams and I started researching.

Turns out kanban boards are great for visibility, without a lot of overhead. Our team tried one and it worked well for us. I was immediately hooked.

But as I was trying out a few different solutions, I of course checked out WordPress. If there’s a plugin, I thought, we can host our own board. Turns out there were no up-to-date plugins!

Fast forward a couple months, and Kanban for WordPress is launched. I’m excited to offer this project management style for small teams to the WordPress ecosystem. I’m hoping it will help out a lot of people – agencies, developer, and site-owners alike.

  1. T.C. Jansen says:

    Awesome initiative. Have been looking for something like this and it seems super promising. Looking forward to see what add’ons you’ll be releasing. File attachments would be great.

    1. T.C. Jansen says:

      Ohh yes and permissions – ultimately with client access in mind would be great.

      1. corey says:

        Thanks! The first addon we’re releasing soon will manage client access, so that’s awesome. For file attachment, do you mean on each ticket, like a list of assets?

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