The best ideas come from real need.

At my day job, I was tasked with picking a project management software for our dev team. Never easy, as there are a million and one apps out there.

My experience is with agile, so that’s where I started. But full on agile project management seemed overkill for a team of a four. I went to a conference, and attended a panel on agile. They recommended kanban for small teams and I started researching.

Turns out kanban boards are great for visibility, without a lot of overhead. Our team tried one and it worked well for us. I was immediately hooked.

But as I was trying out a few different solutions, I of course checked out WordPress. If there’s a plugin, I thought, we can host our own board. Turns out there were no up-to-date plugins!

Fast forward a couple months, and Kanban for WordPress is launched. I’m excited to offer this project management style for small teams to the WordPress ecosystem. I’m hoping it will help out a lot of people – agencies, developer, and site-owners alike.