Take your productivity to the next level!

KanbanPro brings extra power, flexibility and more options to Kanban.

Designed for businesses and the power user, you will have total control of your workflow. Enhance your team’s communication, productivity, and morale with boosted communication and notification features. Get greater insight into the performance of your team and its individuals with powerful tracking and analysis. Get more done, more quickly, all in one place.

$ 149.00/year

All purchases come with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee! Subscriptions renew annually, and include unlimited updates and support while you're subscribed.

What's included


Boost communication through task comments. Now everyone can discuss a task as you work on it. Comments update live as people discuss a task. View “system” comments along side user comments, to track the progress of tasks as they’re worked on.

User management

Take more control over your Kanban boards. Work more closely with clients and team members. Control exactly who has access to what on your kanban board.

Fields & Attachments

Get granular with info and files attached to your tasks. Add custom fields, details and attach files to each task. Customize the data associated with each field, to add new uses to your Kanban board. Add to-do lists for sub-tasks, dates for tracking deadlines or text fields to add notes.


Improve clarity by color coding your tasks. Add a colored flag to the corner of your tasks for further organization. Color-code tasks for priority, work type (development, design, writing), or whatever.


Keep everyone on the same page, even if they're not on the site. Get notified when changes are made to your kanban board. Users of your choice will receive an email updating them that changes have been made.

Multiple boards

Extend your work flow with multiple Kanban boards. Run multiple boards on the same site. Teams or individuals can have their own boards to manage different projects.

And we're always adding more!


We are using Kanban for WP in our digital marketing company and we have been able to merge several tools into this one. We have seen increased productivity and reduced costs. Kanban Pro is that kickstart option.

David Bartholomew
bWell by Cazarin Interactive

We have used KanbanWP for some time now for our 98 client sites. The Pro version provides us with enormous scope and flexibility to track and progress tasks to completion in the required timeframes, while curating all documentation and dialogue along the way. So impressed with KanbanWP's versatility, we now also use it for our internal day to day task management.

Mick O'Keefe
ESM Support

I am very satisfied with all the possibilities of this tool. I am able to expand my internal processes to plan and record my daily tasks.


This is the easiest way to organize your projects with many tasks and many users and the support is awesome!

Animation Systems GmbH

$ 149.00

All purchases come with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee!