Turn concepts into content
With the premier editorial calendar plugin: Kanban for WordPress

Editorial teamwork just got a whole lot easier with the Kanban for WordPress plugin. There can be few things more challenging than trying to hold writers to task, whether you’ve got one or a whole collective of them! Luckily, our simple platform lets you coordinate and collaborate with ease so you always publish on schedule.

Sometimes the simplest tools are still the best. Use the calendar to get a convenient overview of your content plan over time, so you can see at a glance exactly what’s coming up. Ensure your writers know their responsibilities and deadlines so there’s never confusion at the eleventh hour.

Drill down into the detail of each piece with in-task discussions – perfect for ironing out requirements or for conversations that go beyond quick editorial changes. Do away with the email chains and keep on top of your creative process.

Define whatever statuses suit your workflow, and then track all your content as it progresses through them. A simple, visual way to organize your Work In Progress and keep everyone on the same page.

Never miss a comment or a comma with real-time collaboration and live updates. It’s never been easier to collect ideas! Keep tabs on each piece and ensure your content is coherent all the way to the deadline.

Attachment drafts allow for effortless file management. You can easily see when attached files have been changed, manage existing versions, and quickly access the latest content.

Want more, want less? Customize your Kanban experience with a host of options. You have the flexibility to create any process, from a single stage spellcheck to an in-depth panel review. However you edit, there’s a process to match.

Want to experience the editorial prowess of Kanban for WordPress yourself? You can get our standard version without paying a penny, and we offer a free all-inclusive demo for those wanting a little more oomph! You’ll even have the security of a 90-day money-back guarantee if you do decide to purchase. Try it now!