Revamp your recruitment
With Kanban – the smart job applicant tracker plugin for WordPress

Recruitment is key for any company, but it can be taxing without the right tools. Kanban is a WordPress plugin that helps you streamline the process. Easily keep tabs on applicants for your open job positions and ensure you hire the best for your team’s success!

See the big picture with intuitive overviews of your jobs and their applicants. It makes tracking progress simple, allowing you to see quickly what the next step is, from job post to hire. Each stage of your recruitment process can be defined with custom statuses to suit your workflow.

You can see applicant numbers at a glance and follow their progress through as many steps as you need, whether it’s sifting through applications, screening applicants, or holding in-house assessments.

Keep your conversations organized and relevant with in-task discussions. They’re perfect for collating CVs handily alongside the team’s thoughts on each applicant. Then use Kanban’s built-in calendar for interview scheduling. Invite others and make recruitment a team effort with real-time updates, synchronized communication, and actionable tasks.

Waiting for references to call you back or need more interviewers? Powerful analytics let you see where bottlenecks are occurring, so you can focus your efforts where they’re needed most. You can also pull out totals, trends, and timelines for quick and easy reporting.

Got a few recruitment tools already? Kanban integrates with plenty of other programs and plugins, so you don’t need to abandon anything else to use it. Plus, if you’re collecting applications with a plugin like Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms, we’ve free add-ons to support their use too.

Sound good? You can use Kanban completely free and boost its power with a host of add-ons as and when you need them or try a premium no-holds-barred demo for a limited time. The perfect candidates are out there now, so grab Kanban for WordPress and get hiring!