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What are you using Kanban for?

Climate Solutions

Cornelius, North Carolina

Selling and servicing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Rooms at the right temperature! Company mascots—of which Gabriel (above) is the latest.

We're using the board as a digital whiteboard, a project management tool. We have it set up with a few columns, the first one being the regular jobs that are due that month for our customers.

Every time we quote a job it goes on to another column and then when it gets approved it moves again, so our service manager knows it's ready to be worked on. Finally we have a column for "hot approvals" that are basically emergencies.

We were doing this literally on a dry erase whiteboard and the owner asked if we couldn't use a digital version that the service manager could see out in the field. I showed him our new Kanban board 30 minutes later he said, "Yep this is exactly what I was looking for."