Jason Julien

 Smart designer and Kanban "sales pipeliner"

Jason Julien



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What are you using Kanban for?

Jason Julien

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Creating smart, beautiful design solutions. Web and print design and creative direction.

Being creative, simplicity, and his numerous kids.

https://jasonjulien.com/ and https://wearefrndly.com/

I use it primarily for forecasting project leads, proposals, and winning bids to see at a glance what's in the pipeline. I make a simple task for each potential project with its $ amount in the title and move it through "Talked To", "Proposals Sent", "Won", and "Lost".

I started my own web design & digital marketing agency this year and I've used all kinds of different project management systems. Most of them are just overkill. I was using Trello and then, when I saw Kanban, the thing I liked about it was the fact that my data was my data. The usability of it is great.