Dr. Oliver Ratajczak

Customer retention consultant and "ideas board" organiser

Oliver Ratajczak



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What are you using Kanban for?

Dr. Oliver Ratajczak

Bochum, Germany

Making your customers love you. Fostering processes, communication, and cooperation.

The internet (a user since 1993!), simplicity, and owning his own data.


My customers were generating and acting on ideas spontaneously. I was lying on a beach in Ibiza and thought, "There must be a kanban board I can share with them." With GDPR approaching, Trello was out, so I searched for alternatives and found Kanban. I have a simple board for each customer—the lanes are just "Backlog", "In Progress", and "Done". 

I see that customers like it because they don't have to keep a lot of things in mind. They don't need to keep tabs on what I'd sent them and how—now it's in the backlog and they can have a look. It's so simple that they love it.

I am happy to pay for Pro because me and my customers really like your software.