Make project progress every day
With the ultimate project management WordPress plugin

Take control of your workflow with Kanban for WordPress. Effective project management means clear direction, which can make a big difference to your team’s communication, productivity, and morale. Do more with your WordPress site.

It’s a simple process: assign, track, complete, and repeat. Simplify your daily to-do list with visualized tasks that intuitively show you what needs attention. Create activities with a single click, drag and drop to rearrange priorities, and easily assign responsibilities. Stay on top of in-progress jobs to deliver more value more often. It’ll make you, your team, and your customers happy!

Kanban is a single, centralized platform for all your projects. Align your teams with real-time updates, near-instant speed, and in-task discussion. Do away with endless email chains and keep the conversation on-topic and up-to-date. Want to use Kanban with other plugins? There are free add-ons to integrate with Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and many more.

Utilize powerful and flexible tracking and analysis. Set time estimates, due dates, and work-in-progress limits, then log your time however you want. Once you’re done, pull insights from the data to optimize your working habits. Create and save custom views, filter tasks, and manage user access for ultimate control over your workspace.

Customize your virtual office with add-ons to suit any team or task. Download our standard package for free or try an all-inclusive demo at no extra cost. There’s even a 90-day money-back guarantee. Why not give it a go now?