Get your sales together
With this simple sales tracking WordPress plugin

Exceed your goals with the Kanban plugin for WordPress. Plan and track sales to ensure you keep the cash flowing. Get ahead of the competition with a team that works smarter instead of just harder.

No one wants their sales staff bogged down in software, so we’ve made our Kanban plugin simple and intuitive. Some even call it enjoyable! Anyone can see at a glance what their priorities are, and where that next sale is coming from.

Boost productivity and close more sales by planning every activity between “now” and “sold”. Our visual platform keeps you on top of each action in the pipeline so a sale never falls off the radar.

Get greater insight into the performance of your team and its individuals with powerful tracking and analysis. See what’s converting, who’s closing, and what the future looks like. Clear data lets you evaluate and improve performance week on week so it’s always onwards and upwards.

Tailor our toolkit to mirror your pipeline, with add-ons to fit every office, team, and business. Pick from a range of extras to run sales boards for multiple pipelines, manage team access, and color code your tasks by sales stage, expertise, or priority. Kanban is easy to integrate with other plugins too, making transitions seamless.

See for yourself! Get our standard version for nothing or try a free ‘bells and whistles’ all-inclusive demo today. We’re confident you and your sales team will love it and we even offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Give it a try today!