Version 3 of Kanban for WordPress

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Yes, you've come to the right place.

Kanban v3 BETA has arrived.

It's bigger and better* and shinier.


Read on to find out what's new and how you can try it.

How Kanban for WordPress works

Create your first Kanban board

How to customize your board quickly and easily

v3 is specially designed to get you organized... whatever you use it for.

That's because Kanban for WordPress Version 3 ushers in The Age of Customization.

We've seen more and more people use Kanban for an ever greater variety of projects, and that's what v3 is built for.

If you're using us for job applicant tracking, we'll have a customizable set-up to streamline the whole process.

Tracking sales instead? There will be great pipeline functionality pre-formatted just for you.

Editorial calendar? Project management? Teaching breakdancing?

We've got it covered!

Along with preset templates, expect live updates, embedded images, and user groups for managing permissions among a host of other new features requested by our users.

V3 will also bring:

  • Solutions to scaling issues from version 2
  • Faster future deployment of new features
  • Even more control over your data
  • Lots of presets to start from, no matter how you're using it
  • And specific deep-dive formats for the most common uses

*We need to point out now that v3 in its current form is a BETA release. There will be bugs. That's why we're giving you the chance to try it out now without it touching your data.*

Still want to try v3 BETA ? Here's how you can:

  1. Please backup your site! We recommend Updraft or BackWPup (and there are many more). Version 3 is designed to be separate from your WordPress database, but just in case...
    (And if you're rocking Kanban Pro, update to version 0.0.10 first).
  2. Go to Advanced Settings from the Settings menu of your Kanban board.
  3. Click the Learn more about version 3 button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select the appropriately-titled button, and don't say we didn't warn you!


Step 2 - Advanced Settings
Step 2 - Advanced Settings
Step 3 - Learn more about version 3
Step 3 - Learn more about version 3
Step 4 - Switch to version 3
Step 4 - Switch to version 3

You asked, we listened - v3's new and upcoming features

I would like to see a field for the dollar amount that just totals for me automatically.
—Jason Julien, web designer.  

✓ More custom field types, including currency, are coming in v3. 

Can time estimates be divided into minutes? 

—Chris Brock, developer

✓ Improved time tracking is on its way!

Can you make it possible to clone or copy cards?

—Joshua Webb, Growthli

✓ Copying capability coming your way as part of making managing cards even easier.

I want to create a community site where every new user is automatically given a board. 

—Isaac Williams

✓ Advanced user management for simpler on-boarding is part and parcel of v3!